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How Do I Buy Magazines?

Buying magazines from AimSurplus is simple and easy.  In most cases magazines can be shipped to your front door in just 4 easy steps.

1.  Pick your magazines from our extensive selection of in-stock magazines.

2.  Verify your magazines can ship to your zip code.  Some cities, counties, and state restrict the purchasing of standard capacity magazines. Type in your zip code in the "Can this item ship to you" box to verify shipping magazines to you complies with your local and state laws.  

3.  Complete the easy checkout process.  Hit "add to cart" and then "check out now" to complete your purchase.

4.  Watch for your magazine delivery!  Once your order is complete we will get to work on shipping your order.  In just a few short days look for your magazines to show up.

You can visit our State Products Restrictions page at the bottom of our website for more information about your local and state purchasing restrictions and requirements.

If you have any questions about purchasing magazines please contact us at:

888-748-5252 or [email protected]


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