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CZ Mfr. CZ52 7.62x25 8rd Magazine 

No sales to NY.

New Production 8rd CZ52 magazines manufactured in Czechoslovakia by CZ. All Steel construction.

ProductSKUEach Qty
CZ Mfr. CZ52 7.62x25 8rd Magazine
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MCZ52 $19.95
2 to 9 $17.95
10 or more $14.95



Remington .300 AAC BLACKOUT 220grn OT FB L300AAC4 Open Tip Flat Base

Remington Express Rifle Subsonic .300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm) Ammunition. Features a 220grn lead core copper jacketed Open Tip Flat Base, brass case and non-corrosive boxer primer. Muzzle velocity: 1,015 fps. Packaged 20rds to a box and 200rds (10 boxes) to a case.


GEMTECH .300 BLACKOUT Silencer subsonic 187grn

GEMTECH .300 BLACK OUT Silencer Supersonic 187grn Polymer Tip ammunition. Brass case boxer primer. Package 20rds to a box. 1,010 FPS.


GGG NATO 5.56x45 (.223) GP21 62grn M855/SS109 1,000rd can

2012-13 production surplus GGG Lithuanian GP21 NATO 5.56x45 (.223) M855/SS109 Ammunition. This is extremely nice Military grade+ ammunition manufactured to exceed Military Specifications. Features a 62grn steel core bullet, NATO headstamp, brass case and non-corrosive boxer primer. Packaged 50rds in a box, 20 boxes (1,000rds) in a M2A1 .50cal resealable can.


Hornady .270 Winchester 130grn SST Superformance (80543) 20rd box

Hornady .270 Winchester 130grn SST Superformance Rifle Ammunition. Superformance uses ultra progressive propellants that take your favorite SST or GMX bullets to levels of performance that are simply unattainable with conventional propellants. In order to get more velocity in the past – shooters have used a brute force approach – large charge weights of a slow burning powder in a larger cartridge case. Ultimately this leads to more recoil and muzzle blast. The Superformance solution is an elegant approach that utilizes specialized powders…at NORMAL charge weights, that impart ALL useable energy to the bullet reducing the ROCKET NOZZLE EFFECT at the muzzle while still increasing velocity! Packed 20rds to a box, 200rds (10 boxes) to a case.



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