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Lancaster Arms AK-74 5.45x39 Rifle 

FFL Dealer Sales Only. Not for sale in CA, MA, NJ, & NY. Not for sale with magazines in MD.

New Lancaster Arms 5.45x39 semi-automatic Rifle. These are Quality Rifles built on refinished Bulgarian AK-74 kits, US NODAK SPUD receivers, and new BULGARIAN Chrome Lined barrels. These rifles are 922r compliant for use with any magazines. Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. Limited introductory offer! Included is a full AK-74 accessory kit. It includes 2 original synthetic Comm Bloc 30rd magazines (a total of 2 with Rifle), accessory pouch, sling, oiler, and bayonet w/ scabbard. Accessories may vary in size, shape, condition, and color. While supplies last.

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Lancaster Arms  AK-74 5.45x39 Rifle Lancaster Arms AK-74 5.45x39 Rifle
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F1LANDS2 $499.95



Aguila .45 Auto 230grn FMJ 50rd box

New Aguila brand .45 Auto ammunition. Features a 230grn lead core full copper jacketed bullet, non-corrosive boxer primer and brass case. Packaged 50rds/box, and 20 boxes to a 1,000rd case. While supplies last.


Rem. Golden Saber .45 185grn JHP 25rd box

New Production Remington Golden Saber .45 Auto Ammunition. Features a 185grn brass jacketed lead core hollow point bullet, nickel-plated case, and non-corrosive boxer primer. Packaged 25rds to a box, and 500rds (20 boxes) to a case. While supplies last.


Remington .300 AAC BLACKOUT 220grn OT FB L300AAC4 Open Tip Flat Base

Remington Express Rifle Subsonic .300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm) Ammunition. Features a 220grn lead core copper jacketed Open Tip Flat Base, brass case and non-corrosive boxer primer. Muzzle velocity: 1,015 fps. Packaged 20rds to a box and 200rds (10 boxes) to a case.


WOLF .223 55grn FMJ 20rd Box

WOLF Brand .233 ammunition. Features a 55grn Full bi-metal Jacketed bullet, polymer coated steel case and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 20rds to a box and 1,000rds (50 boxes) to a case. While supplies last.



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