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Russian SGL41 Arsenal Saiga .410 Gauge Rifle 

FFL Required. Not for sale in CA, NY and NJ.
The SGL41 is designed to be used with high pressure, 2 ¾" and 3 ammunition only. Low pressure ammunition (2 ½" ) will fail to cycle your shotgun.

New Arsenal Russian Saiga .410 Gauge semi-automatic Rifle. Features a US made and length black polymer furniture with stainless steel heatshield, US made double stage fire control group, scope rail, muzzle break and a 19" hammer forged chrome lined barrel with 24x1.5mm right hand threads.

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Russian SGL41 Arsenal Saiga .410 Gauge Rifle
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F1ASGL4171 $699.95
Caliber:.410 (410/76mm)
Total length:978 mm (38 1/2 in.)
Barrel length:483 mm (19 in.)
Weight w/o magazine:3.11 kg (6.85 lbs.)
Rear sight range:1,000 m (1,094 yds)



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