Aguila .22lr Super Colibri 20grn 50rd box  SKU: AG22SC


1 or more $2.89
10 or more $2.79
100 or more $2.59


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50rd box: $2.89ea
500rd brick (10 boxes): $27.90
5,000rds (100 boxes): $259.00

Aguila Super Colibri .22lr caliber rimfire ammunition. Fires off the primer without powder for quiet backyard fun! Features a 20grn lead bullet and comes packaged 50rds to a box, 500rds (10 boxes) to a brick and 5,000rds (10 bricks) to a case.




<ul><li>MANUFACTURER: Sellier & Bellot</li><li>CALIBER: 7X57MM MAUSER</li><li>BULLET TYPE: SPCE</li><li>BULLET WEIGHT IN GRAINS: 173 GRAINS</li><li>CARTRIDGES PER BOX: 20.0000</li><li>BOXES PER CASE: 20.0000</li><li>RELOADABLE: Y</li></ul>


MKE .223/5.56x45 62grn SS109 30rd Box

New 2015 production MKE 5.56X45 (.223) SS109 (M855) 62grn steel core Ammunition. Features a 62grn copper jacketed steel core bullet, brass case and non-corrosive boxer (reloadable) primer. Packaged 30rds in a box, 1,200rds (40 boxes) in a case. While supplies last!


Swiss 7.5x55 GP11 174grn FMJ 10rd box

Match Quality Surplus Swiss 7.5x55 GP11 ammunition. Features a 174grn full jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 10rds to box, 60rds (6 boxes) to a sleeve, and 480rds (48 boxes) to a case.


WIN AMMO SUPER-X 12GA. 2.75" 1300FPS. 1-3/8OZ. #5 25-PACK

<ul><li>MANUFACTURER: Winchester</li><li>GAUGE: 12</li><li>LENGTH IN INCHES: 2.75</li><li>DRAM OR VELOCITY: 1300 FPS.</li><li>OUNCES OF SHOT: 1-3/8</li><li>SHOT SIZE: #5</li><li>SHELLS PER BOX: 25.0000</li><li>BOXES PER CASE: 10.0000</li></ul>


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