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  • Russian 7.62x54R 147grn FMJ

    Russian 7.62x54R 147grn FMJ

    Clean Surplus Russian 7.62x54R ammunition. Features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacketed 147grn light ball steel-core bullet. Through the 1970s this ammunition featured a painted silver tip which was transitioned out during the Late 1970s and early 1980s. Packaged 440rds to a sealed spam can, and 2 cans (880rds) in a wooden crate. Can opener included on orders of 2-cans or greater only. Corrosive Berdan Primer

  • Spikes Tactical Enhanced Battle Trigger

    Spikes Tactical Enhanced Battle Trigger

    The ST Enhanced Battle Trigger is arguably the most durable trigger group ever produced for the AR15 platform. Spike's Tactical was able to greatly increase the strength and reliability, reduce the over all weight, improve the feel, and incorporate full adjustability for performance you would normally only find in a true match grade trigger.


  • American Tactical Scorpion Pro Gear Pistol Bag

    American Tactical Scorpion Pro Gear Pistol Bag

    American Tactical Scorpion Pro Gear Pistol/Handgun Soft Carry Case. Features a rugged, padded nylon construction. Two external magazines pouches and one external general pouch. 24 in a case.


  • CMT UHP15A AMBI Billet Multi. Cal. AR Receiver Set

    CMT UHP15A AMBI Billet Multi. Cal. AR Receiver Set

    The UHP-15A Ambi Lower receiver features the addition of an Ambi Bolt release & an Ambi Mag Release Lever to the original UHP15 design. The Ambi Mag release Lever is designed to work in conjunction with the Standard Mil-Spec Mag catch arm without the requirement of proprietary components for proper function. This mag release lever design provides the user field repair options of the mag catch typically not found with most ambi mag release systems that utilize proprietary mag catch arms. The New Ambi Mag Release lever features a raised fence on 3 sides to protect the mag release from accidental actuation during weapon use. The Bolt release Lever & Mag Release Lever are Black Nitrided & feature aggressive Texturing to ensure proper finger placement & grip during actuation.


  • Magpul QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel

    Magpul QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel

    The Magpul QDM is a melonited, heavy duty upgrade to standard quick detach sling swivels. The innovative design allows for a lower profile sling swivel that offers one-handed manipulation, an optimized bale that rotates freely and canalizes rifle slings to prevent rollover, and superior resistance to corrosion.




    The BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Charging Handle and extended latches feature internal redesigns to direct the force off of the roll pin and into the body of the charging handle during support hand only manipulations. This new design has a built in backstop engineered into the extended latch and into the charging handle. As the latch is opened up, its’ travel is limited by these flat surface backstops. With this travel limiting feature, the stress is taken off the roll pin, and is now redirected into the entire body of the charging handle.

  • Prvi Partizan PPU .223 69grn Match HP 20rd Box

    Prvi Partizan PPU .223 69grn Match HP 20rd Box

    New Production 69grn Hollow Point Boat Tail Match grade .223 Remington ammunition by Prvi Partizan. Brass Case, Boxer Primer, Non-corrosive. Packaged 20rds/box, 200rds (10 boxes)/sleeve.


  • WPA (WOLF) .223/5.56X45 55grn FMJ

    WPA (WOLF) .223/5.56X45 55grn FMJ

    New Russian production WPA (WOLF Performance Ammunition) .223 ammunition. Features a 55grn full bimetal jacketed bullet, polymer coated steel case, and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 20rds to a box, and 500rds (25 boxes) to a case.

  • VEPR-12 Molot 12GA Shotgun

    VEPR-12 Molot 12GA Shotgun

    New Molot VEPR-12 12 Gauge semi-automatic Shotgun. The "Vepr-12 Molot" shotguns are designed on the basis of the Kalashnikov rifle. Produced for the 12 Gauge shotgun shell, these are highly reliable and extremely durable shotgun for use in any service condition. Features a double-sided flag-type safety device with two levers; Chrome lined bore, chamber, gas chamber and receiver shaft. The bolt holds open on the last shot. Includes 1 factory 5rd polymer magazine. the side folding stock has a weld to prevent it from folding.


  • Prvi Partizan PPU .30cal Carbine 110grn FMJ 50rd Box

    Prvi Partizan PPU .30cal Carbine 110grn FMJ 50rd Box

    New production PPU brand.30cal Carbine ammunition manufactured by Prvi Partizan in Serbia. Features a 110grn lead core full copper jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive boxer primer. Packaged 50rds in a box, 500rds (10 boxes) to a case. While supplies last.




    Exacting construction and rigorous durability are the standard for every weapon system that comes off our line. BCM® Professional Grade Firearms are hard use tools, built to perform where unfailing performance is the only standard for men and machine.


  • Polish Radom P-64 9x18 Pistol

    Polish Radom P-64 9x18 Pistol

    Extremely fine shipment of Surplus Polish Radom P64 9X18 caliber pistols. Designed in the early 1960's by Polish Army personnel, this pistol replaced the TT-33 as the standard service pistol of the Polish Army and Government agencies. Each features the 1960'-70's year of production and "Circle 11" markings. These pistols are in very nice condition and will have only very minor , if any, metal finish wear. Includes a total of 2-6rd magazines.


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